Process Improvements

Over the past few years, I've learned there is a huge need for process improvements in every company. There are a variety of inefficiencies that can hold companies back:

  1. Old processes that do not take advantage of current technology and software capabilities
    • Example: Preparing sales tax returns using hard-coded numbers.
    • Recommendation: Use an excel template with pre-designed pivot tables and excel formulas (including error-checking formulas). In this method, one only needs to copy the new data into the source data tab, refresh the pivot tables, and check that there are no errors in the error-checking formulas.
    • Benefits
      • Saves hours of processing time
      • Prevents calculation mistakes
      • Simplifies the process so someone else can do it, when the primary person is on vacation.
      • Easier to follow, so auditors can see what's been done. (In my experience, when a process looks more professional, auditors generally spend less time trying to find mistakes)
      • Frees up time for employees to finally get around to those things on the back burner they haven't had time to do.
  2. Messy data formats
    • Example: A report will only export data in a format that is difficult to work with, such as text formatted with spaces
    • Solution: Convert the data to columns by eliminating spaces and placing the data in vertical columns.
      • Excel's text-to-columns feature can be used; however, it can still leave glitches and messy data pieces, such as extra blank rows and unnecessary subtotals that would have to be manually deleted before using a pivot.
      • A more effective method is to build a macro that will convert the data and clean it up for you with the click of a button.
    • Benefits
      • Saves processing time
      • Data can now be summarized with pivot tables in any way that is useful to you.
      • Data can now be analyzed to find which things are most profitable, least profitable, trending higher, etc.
  3. Under-trained employees
    • Some people who use excel every day, have never been taught how to tap into it's phenomenal power.
    • I can help train them to learn things such as:
      • How to use and overcome common formula problems with (vlookups, sumifs, ifs, countifs)
      • How to use pivot tables, or even power pivots (summarizing data from multiple files)
      • Other tricks to help save time and solve problems
    • Benefits
      • Saves valuable time
      • Increases their skill level, so they can handle more complex data requests from you, and analyze data more successfully
      • Helps you get the answers you need more timely, so you can make better decisions

Let me help you with these challenges so you can save time and get answers to the data questions you are struggling with in your company. I can provide:

  • Excel training for employees
  • Macro building for data conversion or routine tasks that are always done the same way
  • Smarter templates with pre-designed formulas and error-checks in place to be used with source data
  • Solutions for a nearly any excel-related challenge you have

To learn more about my personalized process improvement training, call me today at 801-369-8685 or request a free consultation through my website now.