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As a contractor service, planning finances in your business is imperative. Maintaining proper financial documentation and keeping track of all expenses and income is the key to keeping your business running smoothly.

At our Firm, only a fully Licensed Accountant does 100% of your work. Our personalized approach makes us very familiar with your company and books, you get the personal attention that can save you money!

"We hired Cam to do our Accounting and Bookkeeping, and my husband and I now have more time to spend working on our business instead of fighting headaches with accounting stuff"
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Home services include landscaping, remodeling, carpet cleaning, pest control, lawn care, and more. As each home or business is different, sometimes pricing needs to be carefully set to ensure profitability based on time and materials spent. These types of businesses can benefit from using job-costing tools to help ensure profitability.

Travel is often a major expense for these businesses and deductible for tax purposes; however, travel expenses are also heavily audited by the IRS. Therefore, it’s important to work with a tax professional to ensure you are maintaining compliance that would hold up in an audit, while taking advantage of the best depreciation methods and travel expense deductions available.

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