Tax Filing Deadlines

2020 Tax Deadlines

Partnerships & S-Corporations

Tax Returns due       March 16th, 2020

Extensions due         September 15th, 2020

Sole-Proprietors, Individuals, C-corporations, & Gift tax returns

Tax Returns due       April 15th, 2020

Extensions due         October 15th, 2020


Tax Returns due       May 15th, 2020

Extensions due         November 16th, 2020


Tax Returns due       9 months after the date of death

Extensions due         6 months later

2019 Estimated Tax Due Dates

1st quarter                  April 15th, 2019

2nd quarter                 June 17th, 2019

3rd quarter                 Sept 16th, 2019

4th quarter                 Jan 15th, 2020