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As a business grows, often there is exists a period in which a CFO or Chief Financial Officer is needed, but the company is not at a financial point in which one can be afforded. We have you covered! Let us show you how we can help your business grow under sound financial practices until a full time CFO is needed.

At our Firm, only a fully Licensed Accountant does 100% of your work. Our personalized approach makes us very familiar with your company and books, you get the personal attention that can save you money!

"We hired Cam to do our Accounting and Bookkeeping, and my husband and I now have more time to spend working on our business instead of fighting headaches with accounting stuff"
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Outsourced CFO and Controllership

New or emerging businesses need the financial expertise of a CFO or controller but aren’t always ready nor have the capital to invest in hiring one for a full-time position. We are committed to supporting the growth of your businesses with outsourced CFO and controller services. Our support is a great economical choice for businesses that need to improve accounting efficiencies, refine tax strategies, and conquer financial challenges in order to keep moving forward; while building towards a full time CFO. When we step in as your part-time CFO, we will help you implement correct accounting and tax practices that will streamline your finances and improve business performance.

By relying on our guidance for your planned business strategies,  will can eliminate obstacles and empower you to reach your financial goals. We will consider and examine all the facets of your business in order to develop an actionable plan based on solid financial analysis that will enhance controls, increase productivity, and manage risk. We can also assist with business mergers, acquisitions, and raising capital.

Outsourced Personalized CFO Services

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