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Tax Planning Services are different for every business...and should be treated as such!

One of the mistakes that many business owners make is not planning properly for taxes. We have experienced it several times, where a client comes in with a list of write-offs and things they have done…and the Government Rules will not allow a full use of the items. Whereas if the client would have simply allowed us to help plan the expenses…they would have been able to gain the full write off.

At our Firm, only a fully Licensed Accountant does 100% of your work. Our personalized approach makes us very familiar with your company and books, you get the personal attention that can save you money!

"We hired Cam to do our Accounting and Bookkeeping, and my husband and I now have more time to spend working on our business instead of fighting headaches with accounting stuff"
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Tax Planning Services St George Utah

The best way to save money on taxes is through tax planning. This must be done before the tax year is over. During this process, we look at your income, prior tax return, business structure, and financial statements. We use advanced software to assist us in projecting the tax impact using various legal tax strategies. We then help you to implement tax incentives that will save you money in the following months and years. Some of these strategies are simple and others require several steps and ongoing compliance.

Effectively reducing your taxes requires extensive tax planning that takes into consideration all possible deductions and tax code changes ahead of time. We work closely with small business owners and individuals to help generate strategies that take advantage of today’s changing incentives, and prepares for future tax challenges. Some accountants only connect with clients at tax time but we prefer to stay in touch with you throughout the year to proactively manage your tax ideas to help you get ideal results at tax time. When you become our client, we faithfully pledge to make sure you never pay more than the law requires.

As your tax advisor, we strive to be available to answer questions and help you make important financial decisions that could impact your taxes. I understand how to effectively manage both state and federal tax obligations and will continually adjust your plan in line with new legislation. With my recommendations, you’ll reduce your tax burden and retain more of your income.

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